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In our CenturyLink Marketplace, you can find products to expand your online experience. Build your smart home, improve your in-home WiFi performance, personalize your entertainment, and work and learn from home with a variety of offerings. 

WiFi performance accessories

No matter how much bandwidth you get with your current internet service plan, you may experience spotty or weak WiFi in some areas. Setting up one or more WiFi range extenders is one way to improve your coverage by boosting your signal to reach dead zones. Expanded coverage makes it easier to work or learn online, stream video, or play video games with less lag time.

Smart home accessories

Ranging from basic to complex, smart home accessories can make your home more efficient and convenient, often by simply increasing the functionality of the appliances you already use on a daily basis. 


There are endless opportunities to automate your home with smart devices. But, if you're new to smart home technology, don't be intimidated. While it is possible to turn every room into the ultimate smart-home, it's also easy to start small and keep it simple with a few smart plugs or lightbulbs. You can always add more smart devices over time as you need.


Smart devices can help you conserve energy use by allowing you to set timers and schedules using smart plugs and power strips, and to view your energy consumption on connected appliances. You can also protect your home with the smartest cameras, doorbells and lights out there, and improve your quality of life by automating tasks that free up your brain for more important things. 

Work and learn from home accessories

The first component of a productive work- and learn-from-home office is a good internet connection and strong WiFi. There are ways you can maximize your home network when multiple family members need to be online. Beyond that, there are a few key products that can help the whole family do remote study and work with greater ease.


If you rely on your headset all day long to conduct meetings or listen to lectures, get a comfortable one that will deliver high-quality audio. Opt for cushy, noise-blocking headphones, or if you need to be untethered, go for the convenience of a wireless earpiece that allows you to roam freely while still being easily heard by your colleagues and peers and never missing a word. For work-at-home pros (or those who don't like wearing headphones all day), you might consider a speakerphone that will deliver the superior audio for home conference calls and meetings with the ability to move around the room freely.  

Entertainment and video accessories

The entertainment revolution has arrived! We have more choices than ever before to decide what, when and how to watch media. Streaming TV is a cost-effective alternative to pricy cable packages, and allows you to select the specific platforms that your family wants.


Whether you want to supplement your existing TV service with streaming options, or cut the cable cord altogether, there are a lot of options. Streaming devices allow you to easily stream your favorite shows and movies straight to your existing TV. Also consider updating your home entertainment system with quality speakers to take your home theater experience over the top.


Learn more about streaming devices and how to bring the amazing new frontiers of media entertainment to your fingertips.

The smart way to keep kids safer online


Bark's award-winning dashboard offers parents a way to proactively monitor text messages, YouTube, emails, and over 30 social networks for many signs of digital danger. Additional features include screen time management and web filtering tools to set healthy limits around how and when your kids use their devices

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