Connect wireless devices to your home WiFi network

How to connect devices to your wireless network

First, find your network name and password

Just flip your modem over to look at the label on the back or side. Find the SSID (network name) and key/passphrase (password) listed on the label.

Did You Know?  You can also find your modem's WiFi settings without a sticker.

Next, enter the SSID/key into the WiFi settings on your device

Select a device from the drop-down list that you want to connect to WiFi and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

Finally, check WiFi status on your modem

Color of WiFi light Status
No color / off Wireless is OFF
Flickering green Wireless is ON, data is being transmitted
Solid green Wireless is ON, no data is being transmitted
Amber Wireless is temporarily disabled using the wireless schedule feature set up in the modem's settings*

* Not available on all modem models

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Try these suggestions if you are having trouble connecting:

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Introducing WiFi 6

Intel WiFi 6 Gig+ is the next generation in-home WiFi technology, designed for the ever-increasing demand of connected homes and gigabit connections. Compared to WiFi 5, it delivers:

  • Up to 3x the connectivity speed 
  • Up to 4x the data capacity 
  • Up to 75% less lag time (latency) for gaming and video applications

WiFi 6 also includes embedded cybersecurity, managed network services and parental controls.
This feature is available with the Greenwave C4000 modem/router.

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