How to change your CenturyLink WiFi password

There are two ways you can customize your wireless password — through the CenturyLink app or through the Wireless Security area of the modem settings, which you can access on a computer or other connected device. 
Download the My CenturyLink app.

Download at Google PlayDownload from the Apple Store

Open the sections below for detailed instructions.
Change your WiFi password in the CenturyLink app
Change your WiFi password in the modem settings

Password tips

If you are prompted to choose 64 bits or 128 bits, follow these guidelines:

  • 64 bits: Enter 10 characters*
  • 128 bits: Enter 26 characters*
    Characters can only contain letters between A-F and numbers between 0-9 with no spaces. 

In all other cases, your custom password must:

  • Be between 8 and 63 characters long
  • Contain at least one number from 0 to 9
  • Contain at least one letter from A to Z
    Note: The space character can be used (but is not required)

Helpful hint: If you lose or forget your password, you can always log back in to the Wireless Security menu and choose "Use Default" for the password. This will change it back to the original one printed on the modem sticker.

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