Need your service turned back on?

Pay your bill online or use our automated phone system to get your service up and running again fast.

If your service has been turned off because you haven't paid your bill, you need to pay the full amount due to get it turned back on.

Quickest payment options

The best, quickest and cheapest ways to pay your bill are to go online or use our automated phone system. Either way:

  • You can reach us any time -- day or night.
  • Your payment is processed quickly.
  • A work order is created automatically.
  • You don't have to talk with an agent.

Best of all, you can typically expect your service to be back on within 24 hours.

You can, of course, pay by mail or pay in person, but those options won't get your service turned back on as quickly as paying online or by phone.

Make your payment now

Get your bill taken care of and your services turned on. Which option do you want to you use to pay your bill?

Pay online

Paying online is quick and simple to do. There's no need to take time to set up an account, and if you don't have your account number handy, you can use your billing phone number instead. It only takes minutes, and you get a receipt that you can print for your records at the end of the transaction.

Pay by phone

If you don't have your account number, you can use the phone number and zip code that are attached to your CenturyLink account instead. You will receive a confirmation number at the end of the transaction. (If you don't get a confirmation number, your transaction is not complete, and you need to chat with us.)

Note: Using the automated system to pay with a bank account is free. Having an agent process your payment costs $3.50, and paying with a credit card will also result in a fee.

If you are unable to pay your bill in full, contact us about making payment arrangements.

Did you know? If you've paid at a payment center or by mail, your service will be restored when your payment posts to your account. Things like weekends, holidays and after-hour payments can delay this for 72 hoursContact us and tell us if you've made a payment one of these ways. If we hear from you, we can get your service turned on faster.
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