Learn about Directory Assistance

If you need help finding a phone number, call Directory Assistance (411) from anywhere in the U.S.

When you call, you'll hear a recording that asks the for the city and information you're requesting. You can request up to two numbers per call.

A live operator will receive your request from the automated system and present their findings. Your call will then be completed either by an automated system or a live operator. You can request a live operator through the automated platform by saying "operator."

Directory Assistance charges

Depending on your area, rates may vary from $2.00 to $8.00 per call.

Directory Assistance is billed on a per-call basis. Directory Assistance calls are subject to the charges regardless of the results. For example, if the number is not available because it is a non-published listing, you will still be charged for the call to Directory Assistance.

You can learn more about non-published and private listings and how to change your listing in the phone book.

Directory Assistance charge exemption

Customers who are vision- or mobility-impaired may qualify for exemption from Directory Assistance charges. Please download and complete the form below and return it to the address provided on the form. 

centurylink:regionalizer/regions/CTL Only
centurylink:regionalizer/regions/Q,centurylink:regionalizer/regions/OOR Only

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