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Connected Voice FAQs 

Service and features

Connected Voice offers all the features of traditional telephone (like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, anonymous call block, etc.), plus more advanced features not available with most traditional telephone services, including mobility, voicemail to email, and email notifications. 

Most residential customers find the Basic service is a good fit. Basic service provides one phone number. Many small business customers choose the Professional service, which provides additional numbers and features.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to transfer your current number to Connected Voice. You must get a new number.

If you are a current customer with prepaid internet and you order online, you'll get an email with a link to the Connected Voice activation portal. There you'll be able to request your new number. You'll receive that number within minutes.

If you order Connected Voice with the help of an agent through chat or a phone call, you will get your new number during that order process.

Your Connected Voice service includes long distance calling.

You get unlimited calls to the U.S. and territories:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • Puerto Rico
  • US Virgin Islands


Plus 500 direct-dial international minutes with each billing cycle* to the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom


*Once the 500 minutes have been used in a billing cycle, any future calls to the countries listed are unavailable until the minutes are reset on the first day of the next billing cycle.

You can track your usage by signing in to your Connected Voice account and selecting Call History.

We recommend you contact your alarm system provider to learn more about how the system works with digital phone service. Also note that the service will not work in a power outage unless you have a battery backup.

We recommend you contact your emergency life alert provider to learn more about how the system works with digital phone service. Also note that the service will not work in a power outage unless you have a battery backup.

Yes. Connected Voice service allows 911 calls, just like traditional phone service. Connected Voice differs from traditional phone service in multiple ways. Please review your Connected Voice Subscriber Agreement for all the details about these differences, including differences with 911 service. Here are four key differences about the service: 

  1. The service and 911 calling will not work during a power outage. To keep function during a power outage, you’ll need to install a battery backup unit. Learn more about battery backups.

  2. You cannot make or receive calls, including return calls from Emergency 911 centers, until your current phone service has been deactivated.

  3. Some US locations do not offer e911 service, so you must provide your location information to local emergency centers in these areas.

  4. You must notify us before you change the physical location of your Connected Voice service. Connected Voice 911 calling will not work properly if you move before you update your physical location with us and get a confirmation. Learn more about how to move your service.

Equipment and installation

Customers with CenturyLink internet service can sign in to My CenturyLink and add Connected Voice.

Yes, some special equipment is required to provide service to your home or business:

  • Basic service requires an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that plugs into your modem.
  • Professional service requires an IP phone that connects directly to your internet. 

No technician needed! You can install Connected Voice yourself. See our setup guides for Basic and for Professional.

With Basic service, you can use any cordless phone. Just follow the basic setup instructions to connect your cordless handset base to the adapter box and get everything up and running. Any regulard landline phones that are plugged into wall jacks will not work with your Connected Voice service.

With Professional service, you'll need a special phone. Regular landline or cordless phones will not work with this option. When you complete your order, you'll also purchase an IP phone that is certified to work with the service. Then you can follow the professional setup instructions to connect the phone to your internet service. With Connected Voice Professional, you can also use the mobile app or desktop app to make calls.

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