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Digital Home Phone to Connected Voice FAQs 

Connected Voice is our new Voice over IP (VoIP) product. It is an upgrade to your existing Digital Home Phone service.

Connected Voice includes new features and benefits:

  • Access to the Connected Voice portal to manage your account, service, and features.

  • Unlimited local and long distance, plus 500 international minutes per billing cycle. International calling to Canada, Mexico, UK and Germany.

  • Advanced calling features* like:
    • Priority Ring – Allows for a different ringing pattern based on the caller ID of the inbound caller.

    • Find Me, Follow Me – Route your incoming calls to a customizable sequence of destinations to create a unique dial plan just for you and your line.   
    • Simultaneous Ring – You can ring multiple lines and/or phone numbers simultaneously until the call is answered.

    • Custom Call Screening – Select screening method for incoming calls based on call type.

    • Selective Call Acceptance – Accept calls from specified numbers while blocking all others.

    • Block Callers with Message – Blocked callers may receive a message stating why the call is blocked.

    • Custom Hold Music – Upload your own WAV audio file to be played for callers you place on hold.

* Not all calling features are available with Connected Voice Basic service.

There is no change to your current monthly pricing for voice service associated with this upgrade. You will continue to receive voice service at the same monthly price as before. Taxes and surcharges apply.

Yes, you will still receive one bill, but with Connected Voice as your voice service rather than Digital Home Phone.

You will keep the same number; no action is needed by you.

You may experience a brief service outage when your account is upgraded to the new service. The upgrade will be scheduled in the early morning hours in order to minimize the impact, and you will be notified of the time and date in advance of the upgrade.

You will need to backup any voicemail messages you want to keep, as these are not moved with your service upgrade. To save a message, access your mailbox, listen to the message, and record the message to a personal recording device during playback. You will also need to set up your voicemail and record your greeting(s) once the new service is installed.

Most existing customer equipment can be used with the new Connected Voice service. However, some older devices may need to be replaced with newer models. 

The equipment will be shipped directly to your home. A technician is not required for installation – you will receive instructions with the equipment. You can also reference this step-by-step setup guide.

There is no charge for the new equipment.

If you want to maintain your current telephone number, your service will remain as CenturyLink Fiber and not migrate to Quantum Fiber. If, however, you would like to move to Quantum Fiber, you’ll need to discontinue your current telephone service and establish Connected Voice service, which will have a new telephone number.

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