How to freeze your local or long-distance service provider

Prevent any company from changing your service provider to another provider by putting a service freeze on your CenturyLink local or long-distance services — at no charge.

A service freeze protects your service from getting "slammed," i.e. having one of your chosen phone service providers changed without your permission. Sometimes this service is known as a PIC freeze.

A freeze does not prohibit you from making changes to your services and your service providers at any time, but you must contact us directly with a verbal, written or electronically signed authorization. Once a freeze is effective, authorization given to others, even in writing or verified by a third party will not be enough to change the provider of that service.

How to add a service freeze

You can add or remove a service freeze on your CenturyLink® local or long-distance service by email, fax, or mail.

Download the Letter of Authorization to Freeze Preferred Service Provider(s), complete the form, and send it using one of these methods below.

By email to:

By fax to:

By postal mail to:
CenturyLink Sales Support
118 S. 19th St. 14th Floor
Omaha, NE  68102

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