What to do about a temporary orange phone line

If you are having new service installed, you could have a temporary (usually orange) line strung across your yard.

When new service is installed, a temporary line is often laid to get your service connected quickly. Within 14 days, a work crew returns to permanently bury the line. Occasionally, bad weather or underground obstructions can slow things down.

If it's been more than 14 days or if the temporary line has been damaged, chat with us to report the problem.

When you chat with the repair agent, they will ask you for this information:

  1. Your name and phone number 
  2. Your service address 
  3. Date the temporary line was installed
  4. Status of the line
    • Hazard or inconvenience?
    • Damaged or at risk of being damaged?
  5. Any other relevant information

Temporary Line FAQ

Why do I have a line exposed on my property? 
What is the process for burying the wire? 
Do I need to do anything to prepare?
Do I need to be home when the line is buried? 
Who can I contact with questions about the work?
What do I do if the line is damaged? 
Why is it taking so long?
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