Internet installation preview

If you've recently ordered internet service from CenturyLink, welcome. This page provides a quick look at the installation process. Learn what to expect and what you need to know about pre-installation, receiving your modem, and installing your service.

Pre-installation checklist

As you're waiting for the day to arrive, there are two important things you can do: check for a phone jack in your building or home, and download the CenturyLink app for the fastest setup.

 Look for a working phone jack

Be sure you have a working phone jack in the area where you want to place your modem. If you do NOT have a phone jack, you will need a technician to install one before you can hook up your service. Please chat with us right away to change your installation from a "standard install" to a "technician install", and we'll get you scheduled.

image of a wall phone jack

Your phone jack will look similar to this

 Download the CenturyLink app

You can use the app to track your modem shipment and to set up your new CenturyLink modem and connect your service. When your modem arrives, it will contain include instrucions to start service using the app.

The app is also the best way to manage your service, billing and payments, and account settings. 

Download the My CenturyLink app


  1. Check for a phone jack and download the app (see above).

  2. Your modem will arrive on or before the date your service is scheduled to start. 

  3. Your service will be activated by 7 p.m. on your start date.

Check your confirmation email for modem tracking details.

Setting up your CenturyLink modem

Once you have your modem and it's after 7 p.m. on your start day, you're ready to connect the wires and activate your service! Visit our setup page and choose the type of modem you have, then follow the video or written instructions to get connected. 

Using your own modem

If you're using a non-CenturyLink modem, also called a third-party modem, there are a few specific things you'll need to know about setup and support. 

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