2022 High-Speed Internet rate increase

To learn more about the rate increase for High-Speed Internet subscribers, you can review the answers below to some commonly asked questions.

Why is my High-Speed Internet monthly recurring charge increasing?

At CenturyLink, we are committed to improving your experience by delivering advanced technologies and solutions with honest and personal service. As we continue to invest in our network and improve our services, we must periodically make adjustments.

Will my High-Speed Internet monthly rate increase if I have a current promotional discount?

No, your High-Speed Internet monthly rate will not increase in this situation.


However, you will see a new charge of $5.00 per month on your bill. You will also see a corresponding discount of $5.00 per month to offset the increase for the duration of your promotion. This will result in no overall change to the monthly charge for your internet service.

Will I see an increase in my High-Speed Internet charge if I have a current Price for Life promotion?

No, the monthly High-Speed Internet charge for customers with the Price for Life promotion will not change.

When will the new High-Speed Internet monthly charges appear on my bill?

The new monthly rate will be effective January 2022; therefore, you can expect to see the adjusted rate on your January or February bill.

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