Is AutoPay right for you?

AutoPay is secure, easy and convenient. It's even free. Plus, you save on checks and stamps (not to mention the time it takes you to write a check and hunt down a stamp). 

AutoPay is a popular payment option because it takes the stress out of paying your bill. You don't have to worry about misplaced bills or missing a due date. If you're traveling, your bill gets paid when you're away. Your payment is always on time.

Benefits of AutoPay:

  • Convenient -- It makes keeping track of what needs to be paid, and paying on time, simple.
  • Secure -- By not mailing in paper payments with credit card or checking account numbers, you're less exposed to the risk of identity theft.
  • Economical -- Since you'll no longer have to pay for checks, stamps, envelopes or gas for trips to the post office, having your bills paid automatically saves you money.
  • Easy -- Turn your AutoPay enrollment on, or turn it off. It's just a few easy steps.
  • Free -- There's no charge for using AutoPay.

When you enroll in AutoPay, you can choose to get a paper bill or pay your bill online.

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