Why is my internet connection slow?

To make sure you're getting the fastest speed possible, you can check and fix a few things before running a speed test. It's a good idea to optimize your wired internet connection, as shown below, before troubleshooting wireless (WiFi) issues. 

Do you notice that your internet speed seems significantly slower at some times than at others? Learn more about what may be causing this and what you can do about it.

Troubleshoot a slow connection

You can often improve your connection speed by checking your wiring, modem and devices on your home network. Going through each of the steps below can also help determine if there's an issue on your end (with your home equipment/setup) or on our end (with the CenturyLink network) that needs further attention.

Connect one device and close all programs
Make sure there's no filter on your modem
Check for damaged or unplugged cables
Check your devices and reduce bandwidth usage
Check your modem performance
Consider the role of content providers
Special requirements for Gigabit users
Check your outdoor wiring

What's next?

It's important to understand how much bandwidth your various online activities require, and adjust your expectations accordingly. Depending on how many people in your household are streaming video, gaming, or doing virtual learning or work, not to mention all the connected devices that also use up bandwidth continually, you may simply be using up all your speed (bandwidth), resulting in poor performance or sluggish response times on any given device. Start by learning more about how much speed you really do need for your family.

Check your current internet speed

Run the internet speed test to find out your current download and upload speeds. Follow the instructions on the test page carefully, and run the test a few times for the most accurate result.

What if you need more speed?

Are you already getting the maximum speed for your service plan but you find it's simply not enough for your household's needs? There are a couple of options to increase your speed.

Upgrade your service to a higher speed

Some households may decide it's time to upgrade to a faster internet plan. Start by logging on to My CenturyLink (on the web or through the app) to find out whether speed upgrades are available at your address. This will depend on which plan you already have and which speed tiers are sold in your area. 

Add a second internet line

Another popular option is to add a second internet line to your home, which can be used exclusively for gaming, streaming, or remote working and schooling needs. This may be a good solution when it's simply not possible to further optimize your connection or to upgrade to a higher speed. 

Boost your WiFi coverage

It's also possible that your wired speed is fine and that it's your wireless signal that's slowing you down. If you run a speed test over an Ethernet connection and the results are fine, but you're not getting good performance over WiFi, it could be due to a weak signal or your router setup. 

If additional troubleshooting is needed, or you believe there's a problem with your service, contact a support agent. We're here to help.

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