CenturyLink internet or phone service not working?

Check for outages and troubleshoot your service

Check for outages

Enter your address and select from the drop-down below to check for area outages. Please be patient as it can take several seconds to search.

The CenturyLink app is an easy way to check for outages. Every time you sign in, the app checks for outages in your area. If one is found, you can sign up for notifications to stay up to date.

My CenturyLink app home screen shows outages

What are the causes of service not working?

When your phone or internet service stops working, it's usually for one of these reasons:

  1. Area outage: A problem with the CenturyLink network that affects your larger area and not just your home.

  2. Home outage: A problem with the lines or equipment that provide service specifically to your address.

  3. Other home technical problem: A problem with your router or cords, your modem configuration, or any number of other issues that can cause service to stop working or to work poorly.

  4. Service suspension: A missed payment or problem with your account that leads to service being turned off.

Use Troubleshooter to check your service and get tech help

Troubleshooter checks for outages and helps find other service issues. This convenient automated tool tests your line and equipment to diagnose the problem and fix it remotely. If needed, you can make a repair appointment from there, or chat with us for more help.

You can also sign in to My CenturyLink and open Troubleshooter from the Services tab. 

If there's an area outage

Troubleshooter will tell you if there's a reported outage in your area. You'll be given up-to-date info about when we expect to have it fixed. You can also sign up for notifications to get updates when it's resolved. Rest assured our technicians are working hard to get all services back up and running.

If there's an address outage or service issue

This is an outage, or a problem with the line, that affects your individual service. Troubleshooter will check your line and automatically create a repair order for any issues found. There's no need to call.

Important: Always reboot your modem after any service outage.

If no outages or service issues are found

If Troubleshooter doesn't find any outages or issues with your line, you can still get help. Select Phone Problems or Internet Problems and select the type of issue you're having. Then answer the questions and follow the prompts to find and fix the problem. If more expert help is needed, you can easily chat with a support agent or request a repair appointment from there.

Other self-help solutions

You might be suprised by how often a service issue is solved by one of these two simple fixes:

  1. Double-check that all power cords and connection cables are fully plugged into your devices and into the wall jacks/outlets. Cords can get jostled loose over time or bumped by kids, pets, and furniture. It's worth a quick check to be sure this isn't the source of your problem. 
  2. Reboot your modem. A restart lets your modem clear its memory and can resolve a number of connection errors or hardware issues.


Or, follow one of these other troubleshooting articles if you want to try fixing the issue yourself:

If you need more assistance, contact our support team. We're here to help!

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