Internet or phone service not working?

Check for a CenturyLink outage

If your service is down, the cause could be an area outage. Use the tool in the green box below to check for network outages, or sign in to My CenturyLink. You can also watch a video about how to check for outages.

Check for outages

Enter your address and select from the drop-down below to check for area outages.

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Check for outages in the CenturyLink app


Every time you sign in, the app checks for outages in your area. Sign up for notifications from there to get real-time outage updates.

My CenturyLink app home screen shows outages

What happens next if I'm in an outage?

You can sign up for notifications through the app or through My CenturyLink to get up-to-date info about the outage. We'll let you know when we expect to have it fixed, and will confirm once it's resolved and your service is back up.


Rest assured, our technicians are working hard to get all services back up and running as soon as possible. You don't need to request a repair if you confirm that you're in an area outage.

Important: Always reboot your modem after an outage.

What else can I do if it's not an outage?

An area outage is only one possible cause of a service interruption. You might also have an individual service issue or equipment malfunction. The automated Troubleshooter tool tests your line and equipment to diagnose the problem, and in some cases can even fix it remotely. If needed, you can make a repair appointment or chat with us from there for more help.

Video: Checking for a CenturyLink outage

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