How to use calling features to block incoming callsSome features let you block specific phone numbers, others let you block certain calls.

Call Forwarding Busy: What is it? A phone feature that routes calls to an alternate number of your choice when you are on the phone so callers don't hear a busy signal.

Calling Features: 3-Way CallingA phone feature that lets you talk to 2 people at different phone numbers at the same time, similar to a conference call.

Calling Features: Call WaitingHow to use your call waiting phone feature.

Anonymous Call Rejection troubleshooting tipsIf calls are still getting through, your phone settings may be incorrect or the feature may simply need to be turned on.

Call Forwarding No Answer: What is it?A phone feature that routes calls to an alternate number of your choice, but only if there's no answer on your phone line.

Ways to block unwanted calls from your home phoneHow to reject or block calls from coming to your landline home phone.

Set up your Call Forwarding calling featureHow to forward your calls to another number.

Calling Features: Selective Call ForwardingHow to forward calls from specific callers to another number.

Common 3-Way Calling problemsOnce you get the hang of how to use it, this handy feature can save you time and make coordinating plans much easier.

Things to check if your phone doesn't ring when people callMalfunctioning satellite receiver, turned off phone ringer, forgotten calling feature or even bad weather . could be the cause of the problem.

Understanding one-time charges on the billOne-time charges on your bill might be the cause of it being higher than normal. Learn what these charges are, why they are on your bill, and where to find them.