Different ways to pay your bill

You can pay your bill online, by phone, by mail or in person. You can even set up your bill to be paid automatically each month. The method you choose mostly depends on how much of a hurry you're in and how you like to manage your life. 

Need a very fast way to pay

If you're in a hurry and need to pay your bill NOW, use Quick Bill Pay, My CenturyLink or pay by phone

Note: Paying in person can also be a fast way to get your bill paid, so long as you have time to drive somewhere during regular business hours.

Tired of monthly due dates

If you're tired of scrambling to get your bill paid by the due date, consider setting up an automatic payment. It's a lot easier than other payment methods. You just need to set up an account, and then your bill is paid each month without you having to think about it. You can still get a paper bill, and you can make changes to your account at any time. 

Rather not re-enter data

If you'd prefer not to re-enter your personal information each time you pay a bill, set up an account. 

  • My CenturyLink is our online account management tool. To set up an account, you create a username, password and answer a couple of questions. From there, you can pay your bill, save your personal information, view past statements and make changes to your account.
  • AutoPay is our automatic payment tool. You create an account and choose how you want to pay your bill (e.g., checking, credit card, etc.). Your account is automatically debited each month, saving you the trouble of manually re-entering your data.
Note: If you're paying by phone, you aren't required to set up an account but, if you want to, you can set up a "wallet." With a wallet, you can save your billing information so you don't have to re-enter every time you pay a bill using the phone.

Hate creating online accounts?

If your stomach turns at the thought of creating yet another account, we understand. Use Quick Bill Pay to pay your bill online without setting up an account. 

There is a small convenience fee to use a credit or debit card when paying your bill. There are two ways to avoid this fee and enjoy the ease of paying online:

  • Enroll in AutoPay and pay via credit card, debit card, savings account, or checking account. Every month, your bill will be paid automatically from your designated payment source.

  • Use the My CenturyLink or Quick Bill Pay service to make a one-time payment with a checking account.

Looking for low-tech options

Everyone says the computer is the be all and end all, but sometimes simpler is just as good. Paying by phone is a quick, same-day method. If you have time to drive somewhere, you can pay your bill in person. Or, you can use the US Postal Service and drop your payment in the mail.

Missing payment information

If you're ready to pay your bill but just realized you're missing a key bit of information, maybe we can help. Do you need a mailing address, phone number or payment location?

Want to pay cash

If you want to pay with cash, visit one of our payment partners: CheckFreePay Agent and Western Union Agent. (Note: Not all our locations accept payments. To check if the one you want does, when you see the map, click the pin for the location.)

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