Washington state customer notice

CenturyLink Files for Competitive Classification

Published January 12, 2024

Qwest Corporation, CenturyTel of Washington, CenturyTel of Interisland, CenturyTel of Cowiche, and United Telephone Company of the Northwest (collectively, “CenturyLink”) have asked the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (“WUTC”) to approve a petition to classify CenturyLink as Competitive Telecommunications Companies. A telecommunications carrier and the services it provides can be classified as competitive when customers have reasonably available alternatives, and the company does not have a significant captive customer base.

Once a company or a service is competitively classified, the Commission generally ceases to regulate the relevant rates, contracts, or services. After competitive classification, the company’s rates will be governed by the free market. The WUTC, however, maintains an informal complaint process and may be able to assist customers in resolving complaints with a competitively classified company. However, if that informal process fails, customers may need to resort to market-based mechanisms, such as a lawsuit, to resolve disputes with the company. Our request would largely continue the level of regulatory flexibility CenturyLink already operates under through its existing Alternative Form of Regulation. The proposed effective date is June 1, 2024.

If you have questions or would like more information, you can write CenturyLink Government Affairs at 120 Lenora Street, 5th Floor Seattle, WA 98121, email the company at wacompetition@lumen.com, or visit www.CenturyLink.com/wacompetition.


If you have questions about the competitive classification process or want to provide comment on our proposal, contact the WUTC by email at comments@utc.wa.gov; U.S. mail at P.O. Box 47250, Olympia, Washington 98504-7250; by phone at 1-888-333-9882 (toll free): online at Submit a Comment (wa.gov); or fax at 1-360-586-1150. Please reference Docket UT-240029 in your comment. If you would like to comment to the WUTC on this proposal it is important for you to do so now, or you can present your comment at the WUTC’s Open Meeting where this item will be discussed.

For more information on when an open meeting will be held, contact the WUTC by any of the methods provided above. If you intend to listen or participate remotely during the open meeting, call 360-664-1234 at least a day before the open meeting for instructions and to sign in. You should also call this number if you plan to attend in person to verify that the case has not been rescheduled to a later open meeting date.

The Commission’s Street address is 621 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey, WA. The WUTC is committed to providing reasonable accommodation for participants with disabilities. If you need reasonable accommodation to participate in this open meeting, please contact the Commission at 1-888-333-9882 or email comments@utc.wa.gov.