CenturyLink® 911 and service limitations

Last Updated: November 9, 2021

CenturyLink 911 and service limitations. Your CenturyLink voice service allows you to dial 911 to reach the Emergency 911 center in your local area, like traditional phone service, but the service differs from traditional phone service in multiple ways. Your CenturyLink voice Subscriber Agreement has more detailed information about these differences, including differences with 911 service. Here are three key differences about the service.


1. The service and 911 calling will not work during a power outage at your service location. To improve function during a power outage, a battery backup unit must be installed. If you are interested, CenturyLink can help you obtain a battery backup unit.


2. You cannot make or receive calls, including return calls from Emergency 911 centers, until your current phone service has been deactivated.


3. Some US locations do not offer e911 service, so you must provide your location information to local emergency centers in these areas.


4. For CenturyLink Connected Voice service only, you must notify CenturyLink via the means we provide to you before you change the physical location of your Connected Voice service. Connected Voice 911 calling will not work properly if you move before you update your physical location with us and receive our confirmation.