CenturyLink® QC Network Disclosure and Points of Interconnection Information

The 1996 Telecommunications Act requires CenturyLink QC and other incumbent Local Exchange Carriers to "provide reasonable public notice of changes in the information necessary for the transmission and routing of services using that local exchange carrier's facilities or networks, as well as any other changes that would affect the interoperability of those facilities or networks."

Also, per the requirements established by Computer III, Network Disclosure is required for all new or changed basic network interfaces that have the potential to impact the manufacturing of Customer Premises Equipment or the manner in which an Enhanced Services Provider interconnects with the network.


A Network Disclosure announcement is released at the "make/buy" point, defined as a firm business decision to move forward with a product or service that relies on the new or changed basic network interface; or if the ILEC decides to make for itself, or procure from another entity, any product the design of which affects or relies on a new or changed network interface.


The information contained on this Internet site represents all Network Disclosure News and Points of Interconnection Announcements that have been released as of January 1996. New announcements will be added immediately as CenturyLink makes decisions to deploy capabilities in additional areas and offer new network interfaces.


Each file contains a summary of the subject matter, locations/timing of deployment, identifies technical references and where they can be obtained, and who to contact for additional information.


Please note that this information is subject to change.

Questions regarding Network Disclosure information can be referred to the individual listed on the Disclosure Announcement, or contact Jim DiManna, CenturyLink's Government Operations Manager at james.dimanna@lumen.com or (303) 992-5831.


Customer inquiries not associated to Network Disclosures; such as phone service and billing questions can be referred to the CenturyLink Business Center at (800) 244-1111.

Active Network Disclosures

Click to download a PDF of each Network Disclosure. Disclosures are listed below by release number.

436 Serial Digital Video Service at 270 Mbit/s (SDVS 270), 8/31/04: Replaced by Network Disclosure 620 Serial Digital Video Service (SDVS)