How to transfer your CenturyLink service

If your life has changed and you need to transfer ownership of your CenturyLink account to someone else, you can do that—under certain circumstances.

Confirm you can make changes to the account

If you want to transfer an account, you must be authorized to make changes to it. If you're a spouse, domestic partner or roommate, you are authorized to make changes to an account under certain circumstances:

  1. Your name appears on the bill, and the account is set up as "joint." 
  2. You have been specifically authorized by the account holder to make changes to the account.

Verify the account is eligible to be transferred

To transfer an account, you and the new customer must meet these five criteria:

  1. Your account must be current and not have any past due charges or restrictions.
  2. Both you and the new customer must verbally agree to the transfer.  (Written consent isn't required, unless you live in Iowa.)
  3. The new customer must meet our credit policy guidelines.
  4. The new customer must agree to take over your service as is, without changes. If changes need to be made, they can be—after the account has been transferred. 
  5. The new customer must take over your service at your current location. If the service needs to be moved somewhere, it can be—after the account has been transferred.
IMPORTANT—If you are divorcing, separating, are roommates, or just relatives you must contact us to sign a form for these changes on the account.

In some states, both the new and existing customers must also be members of the same household. 

If you and the new customer meet these criteria, you should be able to transfer your account. If either you (or the new customer) don't meet these criteria, you must cancel your account and the new customer needs to submit a "new connect" request.

Understand who can initiate the account transfer

Either you or the new customer can call to initiate the account transfer. However, the sequence of events varies a little based on who calls first.

If you call to initiate the account transfer
We'll contact the new customer. If we can't reach him/her, your account transfer request will be put on hold. If we don't hear from the new customer within 10 days, we'll contact you to say we haven't been able to reach the other person. We'll then schedule when your account will be disconnected.
If the new customer calls to initiate the account transfer
We'll make a note in your account and try to contact you. If we're unable to reach you, we'll put the request on hold. If we don't hear from you within 10 days, we'll cancel the account transfer request. Then, we'll contact the new customer and tell him/her that the account will remain in your name until you contact us and confirm you want it transferred.
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