Manage your CenturyLink repair or installation appointment

Use the Service Appointment Manager tool to find out about your scheduled appointment for repair of existing service or installation of new service. 

Need to change or cancel a technician appointment?

After you open the tool, you can find your appointment in three ways:

  1. Enter your account number.
  2. Enter the phone number associated with your account. 
  3. Enter your appointment or ticket number if you have one. 
  With Service Appointment Manager
Appointment Type View
Change Cancel Find Technician

NEW service installation

contact us in some cases

Repair of existing service

in some cases

Note: You can also change a new service order when you're signed in to My CenturyLink.

Before the day of your scheduled appointment, you can:

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you can:

View your appointment information

You can view appointment information for repair or new installation up to the day before.

You might see some of this information about your appointment:

Job description - this is the type of appointment.

  • HSI (High Speed Internet) – No Signal / No Sync Res Repair. This means there is an issue with the signal at your residence and a tech is needed to come fix it.

  • Voice – OOS/No Dial Tone Res Repair . This means that the phone line at your residence  has an issue with no dial tone. 

Earliest start time & latest start time - this is the time window when your technician will arrive. Note that this field is only available if and when a technician has been assigned to your appointment.  

Find your technician

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you might be able to find the location of your technician. Please note that this feature is not currently available for all technicians. If the feature is available for your technician, you will see a button below the appointment information that says “Find My Technician.” Click on this button to get a pop-up window with the name and approximate location of your technician.   

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