Unresolved Issues

An open letter to our customers: 


Welcome to 2021! Let me start by saying thank you for being a Lumen customer. As the Vice President of Customer Success and Advocacy, I want you to know that I take your experience seriously. My job is to champion your needs as a customer. As a company, we truly want to make it right. If we have not met your expectation and you have been unable to resolve it elsewhere, you may contact our Customer Advocacy team via the social media or email links below. Your inquiry will be sent through a direct message to provide a private, one-to-one engagement.


We know you have other options, and we are honored that you have chosen Lumen, CenturyLink, or Quantum Fiber  to connect you to your world. Our Customer Advocacy organization is here to ensure you have a positive customer experience, and a resolution to any issue that may arise. 


We use the insights we gain from customer interactions to drive improvements within our company. If you come to us with an issue, we fall short of your expectations and our own. While we are disappointed when this happens, each issue represents an important improvement opportunity. We are constantly striving to make enhancements to our network, systems, and processes - all designed to create a better customer experience for you.  


A few of these enhancements include: 


  • Rapid deployment of fiber services across the nation 
  • Reduced wait times when you talk or chat with an agent 
  • Easier phone options when you call us 
  • Improvements in the CenturyLink website and the MyCenturyLink app to include better self-help options that you can use to answer your questions or resolve most of your issues without needing to contact us 


What you have to say is important, so we are always listening. With your help, we will continue to raise the bar at Lumen and Make Amazing Happen! 




Stephanie Polk
Vice President of Customer Success & Advocacy

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