How to report a down or damaged CenturyLink line

If you see a damaged telephone pole, wire, cable or pedestal, call us to report the problem:



If you are not a CenturyLink customer, select 2 In the automated phone system to proceed as a non-customer, then select 2 again to report damage to a line or other equipment. Thank you for informing us of any problems that may present a danger to the community!

Tell us about the situation

When you contact us, you will be asked for the following information:

  • The address closest to the damage, and/or landmarks to locate it
  • Your name and telephone number to serve as a contact for the repair technician
  • A description of the damaged equipment, with as many details as you can provide
  • Whether there is imminent danger resulting from this damage


It will be helpful if you can also provide:

  • Identifying numbers or marks on damaged equipment 
  • Cause of damage, if known – termites, lightning strike, car crash, tree limb, construction, etc.
  • Person/company responsible, if applicable
  • When damage likely occurred (such as days ago, weeks or months)

If you need equipment relocated or removed

If you need CenturyLink equipment moved or removed, contact us and provide the following information:


  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your service address
  • The best way to reach you
  • Type of request: NID, pole or pedestal/terminal
  • Reason for move or removal, such as installing a driveway or new construction


Once your move request has been submitted, someone will follow up with you within five business days to discuss what you need done and any costs that will be associated with the work.

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