Copper line retirement FAQs

We are upgrading to fiber technology and retiring the copper lines that brings service in some areas. Fiber allows additional capabilities, including higher speeds and improved reliability. As a result, we need to move any current CenturyLink service(s) to the new fiber network to continue to provide the best quality and fastest internet speeds we offer in these areas.


If you’re in an affected area and need to schedule your technician appointment, please call us at 800-764-9504.

A fiber connection means so much more than just fast internet. It’s the internet technology that gives you the ability to power your household of high-bandwidth users with super-fast and reliable speed.

  • Stream multiple HD movies at once
  • Binge watch while streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and more
  • Bring more speed to every online game

See additional network performance information.

  • Although we are upgrading the network from copper to fiber services, you may be able to subscribe to equivalent Internet service and the same voice service at the same prices, terms and conditions.

  • You may also choose to upgrade your internet service to a higher speed and learn about special offers that may be available to you. Just contact us to discuss.

  • If you have internet service with another provider, we can bundle your voice and internet service which may offer you better speeds and pricing. Ask your CenturyLink representative about bundled solutions. 

There is no charge for the installation appointment or a new fiber-capable modem.

If you subscribe to High-Speed Internet service from CenturyLink, the migration to fiber will require us to install new equipment at your location. We will drop a fiber line to your home and may need to drill a hole to properly install new equipment.

The installation may take up to 3-4 hours. 

An adult over age 18 must be present during installation.

If you have alarm monitoring, a fax machine or any other services not purchased from CenturyLink that rely on your phone line, please let our representative know so that you can continue to use these services.

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