How to upgrade your internet service

If you are an existing CenturyLink customer looking to get more speed from your internet, you might be able to order a service upgrade. In many cases, an upgrade will use the same lines that have already been installed and will get you a faster connection and better performance from your home internet.

Check your service options

The specific services that can be ordered differ from area to area. Sign in to your account on the My CenturyLink app or website and go to the My Products section to see which high-speed internet service you have now and whether any others are available to you. If you don't have a My CenturyLink account, you can set one up using your account number and billing zip code.

My Products - My CenturyLink menu

Once you're in the My Products section of My CenturyLink, you'll see a message that tells you what your current service speed is and whether any faster services are available. Your screen will look like one of the samples below.

My Products - My CenturyLink menu

No upgrade available (you have the fastest service in your area)

If you see Notify me when faster speeds are available in my area, this means you already have the fastest CenturyLink internet service available in your location. You can click the "Notify me" link to sign up for alerts of future upgrade opportunities.

No upgrade available - Notify me

Upgrade available - Call or chat to order

If you are eligible for an upgrade based on your location, you will see a message under My Internet that tells you how to proceed. Click the chat link or call the number shown on your own account screen. Note that the correct phone number varies by region and may be different from the one in the sample below. 

My CenturyLink screenshot - upgrade call or chat

Check for upgrades - Order online

If a Check for faster speeds link appears under My Internet, click on it to check for upgrade options. If a faster service is available, you can order an upgrade online, in most cases. In the event that online ordering isn't available, you will be able to call or chat to complete your order. 

My CenturyLink screenshot - check for faster speeds online

What to expect when you upgrade your CenturyLink service

If you qualify for an upgrade based on your location, your order will fall into one of these three types, based on your current service and equipment:


  1. A simple order change – You don't need different equipment and no further action is required on your part. Once the order is placed, you can expect the new speed to be active by 5 p.m. on the start date of the new service.

  2. New equipment required – If the service agent determines that your old modem will not be compatible with the new speed, we will ship you a new one. The shipping time will typically be three business days, and you will not be charged a shipping fee. 

  3. New equipment and a service appointment required – Depending on the type of high-speed internet you have currently, you may need a CenturyLink technician to come to your home and do additional installation work to complete your upgrade. In this case, the standard technician installation fees apply. You will receive your new modem via UPS, and need to return the old one to CenturyLink in exchange. Your service agent will walk you through what to expect from your appointment and how you can return your old modem.


Note:  Rate changes associated with an upgrade take effect when the upgrade is installed and the new service begins.

Learn more about using your own modem.

Ready to upgrade?

If you need any assistance ordering an upgrade, contact our customer service team and they will help explain your options and, if you qualify, get you on your way to a faster speed. 

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