How to manage devices in your home with Secure WiFi

Secure WiFi puts you in the driver's seat of your home network. Customers with Secure WiFi can access it from the My CenturyLink account or from the app. 

Important Note: Secure WiFi is available on compatible modems leased from CenturyLink. Learn more here.

Download the My CenturyLink app.

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Sign in to your account online or on the app and then select the "Internet" service option from the My Products screen (in the app) or menu (on My CenturyLink) to access the Secure WiFi tools.

Account settings

You can view and manage your network and internet service account settings to answer these questions and more:

  • What speed tier am I subscribed to? 
  • What's my network name and WiFi password?
  • How can I change my WiFi password?
  • Who is connected to my network? 

Manage devices and groups

Secure WiFi offers a number of ways to manage the devices connected to your network. You can see general instructions here and also read about parental control options.

Manage individual devices
Create and manage groups
Pause devices and groups
Block web content
Schedule internet access time

To learn more about how Secure WiFi works, see our FAQ page.

If you need more help with your Secure WiFi, contact us.

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Download the My CenturyLink app to manage your account wherever you are.

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