Norton FAQs

What are the system requirements for Norton?

Check out the article Norton download requirements.

How do I download Norton security?
What can I do if I'm having trouble Installing Norton?
What can I do if I'm having trouble activating Norton Software?
What can I do if I'm having trouble updating Norton Software?

Check out the Norton Support Tools and look for the Inteligent Updater Tool.

I'm getting an error when I try to uninstall Norton, what can I do?

Check out the Norton Support Tools and look for the Norton Removal Tool.

What Norton Software is available through the CenturyLink Installer?

The CenturyLink installer gives you access to your downloads. When you run the CenturyLink installer, it will offer you downloads based on the level of CenturyLink @Ease you have. 

Options / Level Basic Standard Advanced/Ultra
Software Norton AntiVirus Norton Security Norton 360


Network Security  

SPAM/Parental Control  

Identity Protection  

Backup/PC Tuneup    
How can I upgrade from Norton AntiVirus to Norton Security or Norton 360?

To make changes to your PC Security chat with customer service and ask for the CenturyLink @Ease  package that gives you the security options you want. 

Where can I find additional Norton Support?

You can find addition Norton support for fixing errors, running updates and more directly on Norton's website:

How do I obtain a Norton PIN?

To obtain a Norton PIN for activation, chat with tech support.

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