Norton Support Tools

These tools fix very specific problems that can occur when installing or using Norton products provided by CenturyLink. They may not work with Norton products that have been purchased from sources other than CenturyLink.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

This tool gets your computer back up and running if it becomes so infected that it won't work properly or even start.

The Norton Bootable Recovery Tool comes as an ISO image that you can use to create bootable rescue media on DVD or USB drive. Using this media, you can start the computer, scan and remove the threats that caused the problem. For instructions on using the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool,

To use this tool:

  1. Go to the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool download page and select the download button.
  2. After the tool is downloaded, follow the instructions on using the Norton Bootable recovery Tool.

Intelligent Updater Tool

If you've tried to update Norton on your computer and it fails, try updating Norton using the Intelligent Updater.

To use this tool:

  1. Go to the Intelligent Updater page.
  2. Find the name and version of the Norton product you are using. 
  3. Find your version of windows. 
  4. Follow the instructions.

Norton Removal Tool

The Norton Removal Tool can remove a failed or damaged installation of Norton products.

To use this tool:

  1. Go to Norton's Remove and Reinstall tool page.
  2. Follow the instructions to uninstall Norton and restart your computer. 
  3. After your computer restarts download and install your Norton Security software.
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