Information about the cancellation of select CenturyLink VoIP phone services

If you've received a notice about the planned discontinuance of Digital Home Phone or Simple VoIP service, you can read answers to common questions here.

When will my CenturyLink VoIP service be disconnected?

Digital Home Phone and Simple VoIP service will be discontinued on May 15, 2024.

Will this affect my other CenturyLink services?

If you subscribe to other services from CenturyLink, they will NOT be impacted by the discontinuance of the services listed above.

Do I need to do anything?

  • If you would like to keep voice service after May 15, 2024, please contact the provider of your choice by April 30, 2024, to ensure no disruption to your service.

  • Note: If you are asked, there is no PIN associated with your CenturyLink VoIP service.

  • If you no longer subscribe to these services, you don’t need to do anything.

How will this affect my payment?

  • When your CenturyLink VoIP service is discontinued, we will automatically apply any applicable deposits or credits to your CenturyLink
    Communications, LLC bill.

  • If the amount due on your bill is less than any deposits and credits, we will issue a refund for the remaining balance.

  • If you choose to disconnect your service before it is discontinued, no early termination fees will apply.

How to download saved voicemail messages

If you have saved voicemail messages on your VoIP service, you will need to download or record them before your service is retired.


To download a message:

1. Access your voicemail

2. Open the saved message

3. Record the message to a personal recording device during playback

What can I do with my CenturyLink VoIP equipment?

We encourage you to return your equipment for responsible electronics recycling. 


Just click the button below to start the process with UPS at no charge to you. You’ll simply pack up the equipment and drop it off at a convenient UPS location.


If you don't want to return the equipment, you can save it for electronics recycling in your area.

Do you have more questions? Please call us at 833-283-4775.

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