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Arizona Consumers

Notice of Subscriber Rights

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Important Information Concerning Unauthorized Changes in Your Telecommunications Company(s) and Unauthorized Charges on Your Telephone Bill. Please contact Qwest as soon as possible if you believe that your telecommunications company has been changed without proper authorization or if you believe that unauthorized charges are on your bill.

Pursuant to the rules of the Arizona Corporation Commission, a telecommunications company is prohibited from changing your service to another company without proper authorization.

  • A telecommunications company that has switched your telecommunications service without proper permission is required to pay all charges associated with returning you to your original telecommunications company as promptly as reasonable business practices permit, but no later than 30 business days from your request.
  • An unauthorized company shall absolve you of any unpaid charges that were incurred during the first 90 days of service provided by the unauthorized company, and if you incur charges for services that were provided during the first 90 days by the unauthorized company, that company shall forward the billing data to your original company, but your original company may not bill you for unauthorized service charges incurred during this first 90 days, although it may bill you for charges thereafter at its rates.
  • If you paid charges to an unauthorized company, that company must pay 100% of those charges to the original company, and the original company will apply that amount as a credit to your authorized charges.
  • If you believe that your telecommunications provider has been changed without your permission, you may contact the unauthorized company and request your service be changed back in accordance with the rules of the Arizona Corporation Commission.
  • You can request your local telecommunications company to put a freeze on your long-distance account to prevent unauthorized changes.

Pursuant to the rules of the Arizona Corporation Commission, a telecommunications company is prohibited from adding products and services to your account without proper authorization.

  • If an unauthorized charge is added to your account, the responsible telecommunications company is required to return your service to its original service provisions and cannot charge you for doing so.
  • A telecommunications company must provide you with a refund or credit, at your option, due to unauthorized charges. If not refunded or credited within two billing cycles, you are entitled to interest at the rate determined by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Subscribers or customers may contact Qwest Corporation at:

Qwest Correspondence
PO Box 3766
Omaha, NE 68103-3766
  Residential 1-800-244-1111
Business 1-800-603-6000

If you believe that your telecommunications company(s) has been changed without your permission, or that unauthorized charges have been added to your account, you can report these matters to the Arizona Corporation Commission at:

Arizona Corporation Commission
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
  ACC Phoenix Office
Toll Free 1-800-222-7000
ACC Tucson Office
Toll Free 1-800-535-0148

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Notice

Notice Regarding Arizona Corporation Commission Proceedings

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