How to get credit for no service

If your phone or internet service was out for 24 hours or more, you may be able to get a credit on your bill.

Before you can get a credit for a service outage, you first need to report your service is not working. You can do this in two ways: call for repair or use Troubleshooter.


If you qualify for a credit, you will find it on your bill in the section labeled "Additional Charges and Credits." The credit will appear in one to two months after the repair is complete, if you qualify.


If you don't see the credit after two bills, please contact us. Learn more about when you can expect to see your credit.

Outage reported by phone

When you call us to report a service outage, any credit due to you will be automatically generated after the repair is complete.

Outage reported using Troubleshooter

If you report an outage using Troubleshooter, you will need to call us after the repair is completed to request the credit that might be due. A credit will not be automatically generated.

Troubleshoot problems with your service

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