How to manage notifications in My CenturyLink

There are several reasons you may want to receive notifications about your My CenturyLink account. Helpful alerts can be sent to you, such as payment reminders, repair status information, and notice that your monthly bill is ready to view. You may also opt in to get helpful security notifications, such as changes to your account settings, an alert for a past due bill, or if your bill is returned as undeliverable. Setting up notifications to your preference is a great way to keep on top of your CenturyLink account without always having to sign in.

Setting up notifications is entirely optional and customizable. If you only want to receive “past due payment” alerts, but don’t want payment reminders throughout the month, it’s no problem. You can choose what works for you! 

Where to find your notification preferences

In your My CenturyLink account, you'll see a variety of options to choose from. In the green menu bar, there are five options to choose from starting with the Home icon. To access notification settings, you will want to choose “My Settings” to view all your account settings. 

TIP: Some of our customers have more than one account, and each account has its own bill. Check the account number displayed in the drop-down menu in the top right to confirm you’re looking at the correct account.

In your main account settings, you can choose your notification options. For security reasons, some may only allow email notification. Select all the options you want, verified with a check mark, then click “Save Changes.” To remove or change an alert type, simply unclick the option and click “Save Changes.” 

Different notification types

There are several types of notifications that you can choose from. Here's a quick summary of the different types:

Order Status: If you were to change your services, such as adding a new service, moving your services to another address or purchasing an upgrade, this option will alert you of the order status. Often, order status entails an appointment with a technician, new equipment being shipped to you or confirmation of when your new service will be activated—all information that you’ll want to have handy! These will only be sent when you have an order in progress.

Billing Notifications: This type of notification includes alerts such as if your bill is past due or undeliverable. This option is only sent when something important has happened with your account. These tend to be infrequent.

Repair Notifications: If you need a repair and have contacted us or submitted a repair ticket through the online Service Appointment Manager, then with this notification option, you’ll receive status alerts about the technician service visit.

Promotions: You will receive notifications from CenturyLink containing helpful information about offers, new products and tips to get the most out of your CenturyLink services.

Monthly Bill Ready Email: With this notification, you will receive a monthly email notification when your new bill is ready to be viewed online. If you’ve already signed up for paperless billing, this notification is required. However, if you are not signed up for paperless billing, you can either opt in or opt out of this option.

Payment Reminders: Payment reminders allow you to choose how many days in advance you want to be reminded before your bill is due. You also have the option to choose to receive multiple reminders throughout the week. This option is useful if you aren’t signed up for AutoPay.

Bill Exceeds Amount Alert: This alert is for customers signed up for AutoPay. If your amount due goes over the amount you specified when signing up for AutoPay, you will receive this alert to avoid potential late fees. 

Choose where we send alerts

You also have the option to have notifications mailed to a different email address than the one associated with your account. For example, choose to get notifications at your work email instead of the personal email you have on file with your account. Click on the icon of the pencil near your email address and change it to the address you'd prefer.

You can also add a mobile phone number to receive text messages for timely alerts. If you’d like to receive both email and text alerts, you can select both for Order Status, Billing Notifications, and Repair Notifications

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