Using your C5500XK SmartNID

Learn about using your C5500XK SmartNID, including an overview with specifications and installation.

C5500XK SmartNID

Overview & specifications

The SmartNID (Smart Network Interface Device) is more than a modem. It combines the functions of a modem and fiber network terminal into one powerful device. 


  • Due to its unique function, the SmartNID will be permanently mounted on the wall inside your home or small business. Please do not attempt to remove it.  

  • This device is designed to pair with WiFi pods to deliver Premium WiFi, a distributed WiFi service.

The C5500XK SmartNID is tested and certified to run at these speeds* on the CenturyLink® Fiber Internet network:

Technology Type Tested speed
Fiber up to 940 Mbps

*Customer speed experiences will vary, particularly when accessing the internet wirelessly from different devices. Maximum download/upload speeds given are via a wired connection. Internet speeds are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, devices, equipment, and access over a wired or wireless connection; see for more information.

Professional installation

A CenturyLink technician will install the SmartNID in your property by attaching it to the wall and connecting it to our fiber-optic network. With a standard modem or gateway, you would lease or purchase the device from us, but the SmartNID is different. As a network terminal, it remains the property of CenturyLink and will not be removed if you move or cancel your service. 

Back of C5500XK modem
C5500XK modem bottom view
SmartNID installed with WiFi pod

The C5500XK SmartNID is mounted to the wall and connected to your primary Premium WiFi pod (your style of pod may look different from the one pictured).

For help with any connection issues, please chat with us to contact tech support.

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