Use the busy lamp field to monitor user status

As a SIMPLE administrator, you can allow users to see the status of users via their busy lamp field.

The first four steps are the same for all actions:

  1. Click the Monitoring tab.

Add a user to a busy lamp field

  1. To select the name and number of the user you want to add as a busy lamp field to the user you’re editing, click the Find and assign field, then select the name and number.
  2. Click Save.

Monitor the status of a user

  1. For a user to receive a notification that the number on the list has a parked call, select the Call Park Notification checkbox.
  2. Click Save.

Change the order of busy lamp fields

  1. To reorder the names, click and drag them in to the new position, then click Save.

Remove a user from a busy lamp field

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To delete one user at a time, click the next to the user's name.

    • To delete all users at one time, click Remove All.
  1. Click Save.

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