Get settled before you move

You're moving, and there's so much to do. Where do you start? Begin by crossing a few things off your to-do list, and get your service up and running at your new place now, so it's ready when you are.

Transferring EXISTING services

It's pretty simple to get your service transferred. You can even activate your new servicesbefore you disconnect your old ones.

The process has some built-in conveniences:

When you talk with the customer service rep, remember to ask about:

  • Any service changes you've been wanting -- adding, upgrading
  • Saving money with specials, promos and bundle discounts

To schedule your install, the agent will need to know a few things, including:

  • Your current service address
  • Your new service address
  • Date you'd like your existing service stopped 
  • Date you'd like service started at your new location

Note: You are responsible for disconnecting service with your current provider, if it's a company other than CenturyLink.

Did you know? My CenturyLink is a hassle-free way to confirm your install date and make changes to your account. (It beats searching for that random piece of paper you made notes on when you set up the appointment. Do you suppose it’s packed?)

Log in to My CenturyLink to confirm your install date. (If you’ve never used My CenturyLink, it's quick to get set up.)

Setting up NEW services

We realize it's much more pleasant to get everything done at once -- especially, when you're really busy. 

In preparation for your move, you can order your new Internet, television, wireless and/or home phone service at all one time through CenturyLink.

To schedule your install, the customer service rep will need to know a few things, including:

  • Your service address
  • Services you want
  • Date you'd like your services installed
Sign in to My CenturyLink
Go to My CenturyLink to add an account to your profile.