Manage devices and users

As a SIMPLE administrator, you can manage devices for your users and edit your users.

The first three steps are the same for all actions:

Assign a device

  1. Click the Devices tab.

To assign a primary device: Click the Find and add an application field, then select a device and click Save.

To UNassign a primary device: Click the Unassign Device tab, then click Unassign.


To assign a shared device: Click the Shared Devices tab.

  1. Click the Find and add devices field, select the device you'd like to add from the list, then click Save.

Change a device assignment

You can change a phone assigned to a user. If a phone is not working or can't find the network, you can assign another phone to the user.


First, you'll need to unassign the old phone, then assign a new phone, following the instructions above. Be sure to write down the old phone's MAC address so you can use it when you assign the new device.


When you assign the new device, select Normal Use from the Phone Codec options section. Don't select  Multi-User Phone (Hoteling Host); this is currently not supported.


Add and remove mobile and PC applications for a user

  1. Click the Mobile & PC Applications tab.
  1. In the Settings section, select or deselect checkboxes depending on whether the shared devices will ring separately or together, do either or both of the following:

    • To have all shared phones and applications ring when Click to Dial is used, select the Ring all shared devices and applications when Click to Dial Calls are received checkbox. For Click to Dial to work, a phone or application receives the Click to Dial (not an incoming call).

    • To have all shared devices and applications ring when group pages are received, select the Ring all shared devices and applications when group Pages are received checkbox.

    • The Ring all shared devices and applications when a call is parked on a line feature is currently not supported.
  1. In the Applications section, select or deselect checkboxes depending on the applications you want to assign to the user. (The numbers under each license indicates the number of licenses remaining out of the total number available. In our example, there are a total of six BroadTouch PC Client licenses, but only two are available.)

  2. In the Application Add-ons section, select or deselect checkboxes depending on the application add-ons you want to assign to the user. You have access to the applications and application add-ons your organization purchased when your service was set up.

  3. Click Save.

Edit the profile of a user

  1. Click the User Information tab. 

  2. You can change the First Name, Last Name, User ID (up to four user IDs), and Email Address. 

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