Set inbound calling permissions for a user

As a SIMPLE administrator, you can customize inbound call settings for indivudual users. In most cases, users will use group calling permissions.

To set inbound calling permissions for a user:

  1. Click the Calling Permissions tab.

    The Outbound Calling tab opens.
  1. Click the Inbound Calling tab.
  1. To customize the settings, select the Use custom settings checkbox.
  1. In the Originating section, do any of the following (you can select both options):

    • To allow users to accept internal calls, select the Allow internal calls checkbox.

    • To allow users to accept collect calls, select the Allow collect calls checkbox.
  1. In the Transfer/Forwards section, do one of the following:

    • To allow users to transfer or forward all external calls, select the Allow all external calls radio button.

    • To allow users to transfer external calls, select the Allow transferred external calls only radio button.

    • To not allow users to accept external calls, select the Block all external calls radio button.
  1. Click Save.

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