Unclaimed funds

If you received a letter from CenturyLink notifying you of unclaimed funds, you can claim the payment by completing the information requested and mailing it back in the specified timeframe. 

It's a good idea to make a copy of the form for your records before mailing it back to the address printed in the letter. Unfortunately, we cannot process late or incomplete claims. If we do not receive the completed claim form from you in time, your funds will be escheated. At that point, you will need to submit a claim with the state that received the funds to request a repayment.

Frequently asked questions about unclaimed funds

Unclaimed funds, also called unclaimed property, refers to checks that have not been cashed for a certain number of years. Eventually, those funds are sent to the state in a process called "escheatment."

State laws require that before we send unclaimed funds to the state, we first attempt to locate and notify the payee of the check to provide an opportunity to reclaim those funds. We send this notification letter to the most recent address we have on file.

The legal process dictates that the owner must complete the requested information and attach the required documentation to prevent the check from being remitted to the state. Telephone inquiries cannot be accepted.

It may take 6 to 8 weeks to process your request.

It is possible that the original check was not cashed because it was lost in the mail, was sent to the wrong address, or it was otherwise misplaced. This notification is CenturyLink’s final attempt to locate the owner and deliver the funds before they are delivered to the state.

You should still fill out the form you get with the letter and send it back. Select the option to reissue the check and circle "the check is enclosed." Return the completed form along with the outstanding check to the address provided on the form.

If you receive a letter about unclaimed funds from us and then lose it before you can return the form, we can still help you as long as you contact us within the time frame specified in the original letter. In this special instance, you can send an email to an account designated for unclaimed funds.

The money will be remitted to the correct state, as required by law. You would then be responsible for claiming your unclaimed property from the state rather than from CenturyLink.

Unfortunately, due to the age of the original check, specific information about the nature of the funds is no longer available. A majority of unclaimed checks have been issued on systems that have now been retired. We are sorry we are unable to provide more detailed information. 

No problem! Just complete the form and mark the option "credit current account" and provide your current account number or telephone number. It'll be credited to your account in approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

If your name has changed, please send evidence documenting the name change. Examples include, but are not limited to: copies of Drivers license, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, or Adoption record. Please note for Payroll checks we can only reissue in the original name. Documentation cannot be returned, so send copies; do not send original documents.

Please return the form to us unopened. You will not be able to claim funds sent to another person, even if the address is yours.

Please provide your name and title when responding on behalf of your provider or business. If you are requesting an address change, please provide documentation, such as letterhead or a business card attached to this completed form. If you are requesting a business name change please provide a W-9 form. Documentation cannot be returned.

Or, if your business has since closed, you must provide legal documentation proving you were the former owner of the company and are entitled to the funds. In this case, the check can be reissued in your name.

The FEIN is to be filled out only if you are a business. It represents a Federal Tax ID number issued to all businesses.

You'll need to complete the form you received in the mail, and return it with legal documentation such as Decedents Will or probate papers executed by the court, and a copy of the Death Certificate. You will need to prove you are the Executor, POA, or the legal heir to the deceased's property. CenturyLink cannot legally change the name on a check without legal documentation. 

  • If you send a Death Certificate only, the reissued check will be made payable to "Estate of."
  • With any legal documentation showing the claimer is the appropriate heir, we can change the name.

If you do not have any legal documentation (Will, Estate, or Probate), you will need to:

  • Contact an attorney to provide legal documents proving the claimer is the appropriate heir.

  • Contact the probate court or similar local court that handles estate matters to provide legal documents proving the claimer is the appropriate heir.

  • Claimer can wait until the funds are submitted to the state and then request a claim form from the state to try and claim the money.

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