Understanding port 25 filtering

CenturyLink follows the industry standard of port 25 filtering to reduce the spread of email viruses and spam. Port 25 filtering prevents unauthorized and possibly infected messages from being sent through the network. 

How do I turn port 25 filtering on or off?

Customers with a dynamic IP address cannot turn off port 25 filtering.


If you have leased static IPs and need assistance with port 25 filtering, or if you would like to lease static IP addresses from CenturyLink, please contact us

How do I order static IP addresses?

If you have a postpaid residential account, such as an email address that ends in @q.com or @centurylink.net, you can order a static IP address by chatting with us. Static IP addresses are currently not available for prepaid customers.


If you have a small business account, such as an email address that ends in @qwest.net or @qwestoffice.net, order a static IP address using the Account Manager.


You may configure and start using your static IP address within one hour of ordering it from CenturyLink. 

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