Enroll in My CenturyLink or add a new account

Before signing in to manage your account online, you'll need a username and password to enroll in My CenturyLink.

You just need two things to get started: your account number, which you can find on a paper copy of your bill, and your billing zip code.

Add a new account to your profile

Sometimes account activities such as moving or service changes can cause your account number to change. However, it's no problem to view and manage multiple accounts in My CenturyLink. You simply need to add the new account number to My CenturyLink. 

To add a new account to an existing My CenturyLink profile, go ahead and sign in to My CenturyLink with your current username and password. Then select "Add Account" from the account drop-down menu in the top right corner.

The "Add Account" option can be found in the drop-down menu on the top of your screen.

How to get your security code

When you go to set up your My CenturyLink profile, you will need a security (or authentication) code. This code is just another way we confirm your identity and protect your personal information.
Where is your security code? 
  • In your Welcome Letter – The code is printed on the Welcome Letter that you receive after you first order new service from My CenturyLink.
  • On your bill – The code also appears on the first three monthly bills you receive. Look on page 1 of your bill, at the end of the "Get an Online Account" section. 

Or, you can request your security code by clicking above or by chatting with a service agent. You'll be able to choose to have it sent to you by email, phone or mail.

  • Email – You will receive an email at the address you used to set up your service. For security reasons, you must have had your email address on file with us for at least 30 days. If you’ve recently changed it, we may not be able to email your code to you.
  • Automated call – You will receive a call within 5 minutes of your request. If you don't answer, we'll leave a voice message with your security code.
  • Paper mail – You will receive the code in 7 to 10 days at the billing address we have on file for your account. 
Note: The security code is a randomly generated number that is assigned only to you. It should not be shared and should be kept in a safe place. If you forget your password and need to retrieve it, you will be asked for this code to authenticate your identity.
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