How to get a security code for My CenturyLink

If you are enrolling in or adding an account to My CenturyLink, AND  you have CenturyLink home phone service, you will need a security code to complete your registration.

This security code (also called authentication code) adds a layer of protection to your personal information and calling history.

Where to get your security code

Your code is printed on the Welcome Letter that you received after you ordered new service from CenturyLink. It also appears on your first three monthly bills, under the section "Get an Online Account" on page one.


If you don't have those documents handy, you can use click the button below to request your code. You will need to enter your account number.

Using the request tool, there are a few different ways you can receive your security code.

  • Email: If you have an email address on record with us for at least 30 days, you'll see an option to have the code emailed to you.

  • Automated call: You will receive a call within 5 minutes of your request. If you don't answer, we'll leave a voice message with your security code.

  • Paper mail: You will receive the code in 7 to 10 days at the billing address we have on file for your account. 

You can also chat with us to request your security code. Once the agent verifies your identity, you will receive your code.

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