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Find the model number on your modem sticker

Check the sticker on the back or bottom of the modem to find your model name and number.

Sticker label on tower modem
C4000 modem label

Fiber modems

Older modems - TIME TO REPLACE!

The following models are retired or being retired soon, and should be replaced as soon as possible. Visit the retired modems page to get specifications and firmware for each of the modems listed below.





















Install your modem and connect your internet

Setting up a new modem or new internet service from CenturyLink? Choose the type of modem you have to view a setup video and written instructions.

For the following models:
C4000BG  *  C4000BZ  *  C4000LG  *  C4000LZ  *  C4000XG

For the following models:
C3000Z  *  C3510XZ  *  C844G  *  C424G  *  C2300A  *  PK5000Z

For following models:
C5500XK SmartNID

Connect devices to your WiFi network

Top modem troubleshooting tips

Slow or spotty internet connection? The best place to start is rebooting your modem/router.

Is your firmware up to date? Modems usually update themselves, but you can check the settings to see if there's an upgrade available.

Tried the above and still having trouble? In more severe cases, a technician or support agent may instruct you to do a modem reset.

How to read and troubleshoot the modem lights

Depending on the model of CenturyLink modem/router that you have, the lights will function a bit differently. Choose the correct guide to help you understand what the status lights tell you and how to use them to troubleshoot your internet connection.

For the following models:
C4000BG  *  C4000BZ  *  C4000LG  *  C4000LZ  *  C4000XG

For all following models:
Actiontec   *   Adtran   *   Calix   *   Technicolor   *   Zyxel (except C4000)

Guide to the modem lights (C4000 series)

Guide to the modem lights (tower-style modems)

Advanced modem settings

Please proceed with caution!

When you see this caution icon, it means the advanced setting you're looking at should only be configured with the help of a professional.

Note:  Screenshots shown in our how-to articles may differ slightly from your modem's particular settings. Features may be different from model to model, and differences are noted where possible.

Need to replace your modem?

Learn how to replace or upgrade a CenturyLink modem.

Modem Recycling Program

Send us your old CenturyLink modem at no cost and we'll recycle it!

Modem support videos

Use the modem utilities to reboot, reset, and update firmware

How (and why) to reboot your modem regularly

How to control your modem settings

How to manage your modem's wireless settings

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