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IPv6 shared modem content
NOTE: If you have an ISP other than CenturyLink, please contact your ISP directly for IPv6 support. You can see if your modem is IPv6 compatible in the features section. IPv6 may not be available in all areas.
What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IP). The Internet Protocol is the protocol that the internet in built on.

Why would I personally need IPv6?

The odds are you don't, or at least not yet. The internet was originally designed using IPv4, however, due to the enormous growth of the internet, there was an increasing concern that the internet would run out of IP addresses. In 1998, IP version 6 (aka IPv6) was standardized. Simply put, version 6 gives the internet more features and IP addresses.

How do I get IPv6?

If IPv6 is available in your area, and your modem is compatible, you just need to enable IPv6 on your modem.

How do I get static IPv6 addresses?

When you lease a static IPv4 address, those addresses have 'derived IPv6' addresses associated to them, so there is no need to order anything else. But, you will need to enable IPv6 on your modem.

What is the CenturyLink's IPv6 address space?

CenturyLink's address space is: 2602:0/24 

 When will CenturyLink's IPv6 network upgrade be complete?

We are currently using IPv6 rapid deployment and are testing Dual Stack on part of our network. Future updates will be posted here.

Do IPv6 addresses look different than IPv4 addresses?

Yes,  IPv6 addresses use hexadecimal quartets separated by colons. 

  • IP address v4 
  • IP address v6 2002:3e9d:9062:0001:1
How do I update my IPv6 DNS records?

Since IPv4 addresses have 'derived IPv6' addresses, you just need to create a DNS record to the corresponding IPv4 address. Currently, CenturyLink does not do DNS delegation for any IPv6 address or prefix.

How do I enable IPv6 on my modem?

To enable IPv6 on your modem, go to the 

To enable IPv6 on your modem, go to the Modems and Routers page:

  • Select your Modem from the drop down
  • Select the IPv6 section. If IPv6 is not listed, chat with customer service to review your options.
  • Select Turn on IPv6, and follow the instructions. 
How do I troubleshoot IPv6?

To troubleshoot IPv6:

What are the CenturyLink IPv6 DNS resolvers?
  • Preferred IPv6 DNS resolver: 2001:428::1
  • Alternate IPv6 DNS resolver: 2001:428::2

For additional assistance, contact us. We're here to help. 

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