Adding a second internet line

Do you have a speed plan under 40 Mbps and an upgrade isn’t available at your address? If so, a second internet line might be a great solution. A second line can effectively double your household speed by installing another internet connection. 

Ways to use a second line

Customers who add a second line often use it for one of these purposes to avoid slowdowns caused by bandwidth competition:
  • Working or schooling from home while keeping all other devices connected on the first line

  • Gaming without sharing bandwidth with other activities for the best performance

  • Streaming on a dedicated line to watch anytime you want and reduce buffering

  • 1-2 housemates or family members get separate lines for so you're not fighting over bandwidth at peak hours
Second internet line graphic showing uses for two lines

Good to know about a second line

  • A second internet line requires a technician installation and a separate modem. 

  • Speed plans above 40 Mbps and pair-bonded internet lines are not eligible for a second line

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