Prism MXv3 IR remote control user guide

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Battery installation

  1. On the back of the remote, push down on the tab and lift the cover off.
  2. Match the batteries to the + and - marks inside the battery case, then insert 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  3. Press the battery cover back into place.

Programming the remote to control other devices

The remote control will only control the device which is selected by the appropriate mode key (STB, TV, DVD, and AUX). The mode key light for the selected device flashes each time a valid key is pressed. In order to control other devices with your MXv3 Remote Control, you need to tell the remote control what types of devices you have. Sections A and B take you through the steps needed to do this. The volume controls will control your Set Top Box (STB) until the TV device mode is setup. The channel controls will always control your STB. If you want to change this, you should follow the steps in Sections E and F.

To use your MXv3 Remote Control for your other devices, you will need to set up the TV, DVD and AUX mode keys to control the devices (Section A). Please refer to the code list (PDF) for a list of supported brands and models. If you do not find the brand of your device on the supported code list, please refer to section B for the search function or you may use section C for instructions on the learning feature of your remote control. If you have an integrated or combo unit such as a TV/DVD, each component of the unit may need to be set up separately by setting up both the TV and DVD mode keys.

NOTE: The DVD and AUX mode keys can be set up with any code. The TV mode key can only be set up with TV codes (PDF).

Manual Programming

Use the following steps to set up the TV, DVD or AUX mode keys: 

  1. Power on the device you want to program and locate the 4-digit code from the code list (PDF).
  2. Press and hold the mode key (TV, DVD, or AUX) and while holding it, press the OK key for one second.
  3. Release both keys, all of the mode keys will flash then the selected mode key light will stay lit.
  4. Enter the 4-digit code by pressing the numerical keys (0- 9). The selected mode key light will blink for each digit entry and will remain off after the entry of the fourth digit - indicating a successful setup.
  5. Point the remote control at the selected device and press the power key once. The device should turn off. If the device stayed on, repeat the steps 2 thru 5 trying each code for your brand until you find the correct code.

Repeat the steps on the previous page to set up another device. To use the remote control for your Set Top Box, press the STB mode key. 

NOTE: If an invalid code is entered or no key is pressed at all for 30 seconds, the mode key light flashes for 3 seconds and turns off. The remote control returns to normal operation and you will need to start over from step A2 to set up the device.