Does canceling your service stop AutoPay too?

If you've recently cancelled your CenturyLink service, you may be wondering whether that also ends your AutoPay enrollment.

What to expect next

We send your initial closing bill out to you the same day you tell us to cancel your service. If you're enrolled in AutoPay at the time you cancel your services, it will be paid automatically as you're used to.

But you may get a couple more bills before your account is officially closed. This is because sometimes additional charges come in later (e.g., DIRECTV, long distance, unreturned equipment), which trigger subsequent bills. Keep an eye out for these. If your AutoPay enrollment is still in effect, it will be noted on those bills and paid automatically. Any bills that don't acknowledge your AutoPay enrollment will need to be paid some other way.

One other thing to note: if you manage your account with My CenturyLink, you can continue to view your account information, including bills, even after your services have been cancelled. However, you may need to chat with us if your AutoPay is still active and you would prefer to pay subsequent bills in some other way.

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