Call blocking assistance

We understand that while consumers want protection from unwanted or illegal robocalls, consumers also need assurance that they are able to receive legitimate calls as well as place legitimate calls themselves without those calls being subjected to blocking. CenturyLink provides tools that some of our customers choose to use to help them decide whether or not to answer phone calls or to block or screen calls that may be unwanted, annoying or fraudulent.  Other than these tools that our customers choose to use, CenturyLink does not currently block or label calls based upon algorithm-based analytics or caller ID authentication information. 

Additionally, other third-party services are also available in the marketplace to block or screen calls. CenturyLink is committed to mitigating the harm of illegal robocalls and to helping consumers and calling parties address concerns about erroneous call blocking or labeling. If you are a business that is experiencing call blocking or inaccurate labeling by a non-CenturyLink voice service provider, please refer to the Call Labeling and Blocking Points of Contact.

FAQs about call blocking

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