With Custom Ringing, personalize incoming calls

Custom Ringing is nice because you can assign unique phone numbers (with their own ring tones) to the different people in your home.

When you live by yourself and the phone rings, the call is always for you (unless it's a wrong number). If you're in the middle of something, you can just ignore it, but if you're living with others (or are running a home business) ... You probably feel obligated to stop what you're doing and answer it.

With Custom Ringing, you can assign unique phone numbers (with their own ring tones) to the different people in your home. Then, when they hear their ring, they answer the phone.

How Custom Ringing works

Depending where you live, in addition to your main number, you can have 1 to 3 additional phone numbers without needing to install equipment or wiring. Each phone number has a different sounding ring and can be heard from every phone in the house. When it's your ring, just answer!

Say you have a home business and a couple of teenagers. You could set up your service like this:

Main number Ring tone #1 General family
First custom number Ring tone #2 Home business
Second custom number Ring tone #3 Teenager #1
Third custom number Ring tone #4 Teenager #2

To answer a custom-ring call:

  • Listen to the ring pattern to figure out whose number is being called.
  • Answer the call with a specific greeting (e.g., "Hello. Sally's Homemade Cakes"). 
  • If the call is for someone unavailable, allow the call to go to voicemail. 

Useful things to know

  • Custom Ringing is available in most areas.
  • Custom Ringing affects incoming calls only. When you dial out, your main phone number shows up on the recipient's caller ID.
  • This calling feature does not affect the sound of your main number's ring tone. 
  • Callers dialing a custom number hear a normal ring.
  • Depending where you live, there's a $5-$6 per month fee for the first custom number and a $2.50-$5 per month fee for each additional number. In some states, you're also charged a one-time setup fee of $6-$13.
  • If Custom Ringing is purchased ala carte, you can find it on your bill in the CenturyLink Telephone Charges -- Optional Services section. If you purchased it as part of a package, it is not separately itemized and is included as part of the larger package of services.
  • Calling cards are available upon request with Custom Ringing numbers. Custom Ringing calling card calls are itemized under their respective Custom Ringing number on your bill.
  • With Custom Ringing, the call waiting tone is different for each custom number, so you'll know whether to interrupt your call.
  • Custom Ringing is not compatible with many cordless phones. Check your cordless phone's owner's manual to confirm this feature works with your phone system. 
  • There's no charge to discontinue Custom Ringing.

To add or change the calling features on your account, contact us. We're here to help!

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