Never miss a call with Call Waiting

With Call Waiting, you'll know when someone is trying to reach you, even if you're on another call. Learn how to use this feature and get answers to common questions.

What is Call Waiting?

When you're on a call, you'll hear a stutter tone when someone else trying to get through. You can either ignore the incoming call or put the person you're talking with on hold and find out who's calling. 

How to use Call Waiting

Get familiar with the Call Waiting tone and discover the power of your hang-up switch (it's not just for ending calls). 

Switch between calls
Turn Call Waiting on and off

Common questions about Call Waiting

Can the callers hear each other?
Do I have to answer the second call?
What if a third person calls me?

Availability of calling features varies by location. Contact us to find out if this feature is available for you and to add it to your service.

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