Caller ID

Have you ever gotten a call on your home phone during dinner or your favorite show and wanted to know who was calling before you picked up? With Caller ID, you can make sure the call is important before you answer. Caller ID is a very popular calling feature for landline phones. When you add Caller ID to your home phone service, you can see the incoming caller's name and number on a digital screen -- before you pick up the receiver.

How to get caller ID

Caller ID is a home phone calling feature from CenturyLink that can be added to your phone line. It is available in most areas and can be purchased for a monthly fee.

To add Caller ID to your landline phone service, chat with us today

What you need to use caller ID

To use Caller ID, you need a Caller ID-enabled phone. Or, if you don't have one of those, you can attach a standalone Caller ID box. Either way, you'll see the number, date and time of the incoming calls on the screen of the device you're using. 

(For specifics, refer to your device's owner's manual.)

How caller ID works

  1. Within 1 to 2 rings, the phone number of the person calling will show up on your screen.
  2. After seeing the number, you can choose to answer or ignore the caller. 
  3. If you don't pick up, in most cases, the caller's information will automatically be stored in the device's memory. 

What the display messages mean

  • UNKNOWN, UNAVAILABLE or OUT OF AREA means the call doesn't include the necessary data and/or the call is being sent via equipment that doesn't support Caller ID.
  • PRIVATE or ANONYMOUS means the caller has chosen to block his/her line. (You can use Anonymous Call Rejection to reject these kinds of calls.)

Caller ID warnings

Sometimes numbers you see on your Caller ID display might look legit, but always be cautious when answering. "Caller ID spoofing" is a way for companies (and individuals) to conceal their real identities. They do this to appear harmless, to get around Do Not Call laws and/or to trick you into giving up personal information (or money).

If you are receiving consistent, harassing calls from the same number, consider using the call tracing feature to build a case and potentially have legal action taken against the caller.

For printer-friendly instructions, download the Caller ID user guide. If Caller ID isn't showing what you think it should, we have some ideas about what's happening. To add or change the calling features on your account, chat with us. We're here to help!

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