Use Call Transfer to send a call to another phone

Call Transfer is a handy feature that's frequently overlooked because people don't know how to use it. With a caller on the line, you can transfer them to a different phone.

It's a particularly useful tool if you have both a home line and a cell phone because calls can be transferred from your home to your mobile.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Your not-so-favorite relative is calling. You have to answer, but you don't feel like chatting. Instead of making small talk, transfer the call directly to your spouse's cell phone.
  • Oops, you picked up the phone by mistake. The call's not for you. Instead of taking a message, politely offer to transfer the caller to voice mail.

Call Transfer lets you send a call to any phone, inside or outside your home. You can even transfer calls to mobile phones. 

It may be confused with Call Forwarding, but these calling features are different. With Call Forwarding, calls are automatically forwarded to ring through to a pre-set number. But with Call Transfer, you can choose on the spot to transfer a caller who's already on the line.

How to use Call Transfer

Next time you want to transfer a call to another phone, do the following:

  1. Put your current call on hold by pressing and releasing the receiver (flash) button. 
  2. When you hear the stutter tone, dial the number you want to transfer the call to. 

Next, you have a few choices. You can:

  • Simply hang up (which transfers the call).
  • Stay on the line until the person you're transferring to answers, introduce the caller and then hang up. 
  • Or, start a 3-way conversation by pressing and releasing the receiver button.

Useful things to know:

  • If the number you transfer to is busy, unanswered or a wrong number, press the receiver button twice (slowly) to return to the original call.
  • You cannot transfer calls to numbers that require you to speak with an operator or respond to a series of numerical prompts.
  • If you transfer a call to a long-distance number, you are responsible for any applicable charges.
  • Call Transfer is a calling feature that you must request as part of your phone package. As part of a package, there's no fee. If you add it ala carte, it costs $4.50-$8 per month, depending where you live, and there's a one-time setup fee of $10-$22. 
  • This service is not available in all areas.
  • Call Transfer and call waiting are compatible on the same line; however, only one of these features will work at a time. If you answer a call using Call Waiting, you cannot then transfer that call or start a 3-way conversation. 

For printer-friendly instructions, download the Call Transfer user guide. To add or change the calling features on your account, chat with us. We're here to help. 

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